Our Mission

Leah Yosef International, Inc. specializes in executive search for the RIA, High Net Worth/Ultra-High Net Worth, and Single- and Multi-Family Office arenas. We partner with growing and boutique firms and attract, secure and retain the highest-performing talent in the industry through an efficient sourcing and on-boarding process.


Whether it’s a growing firm that needs to hire quickly, an established firm looking to fill a high-level position that can’t afford a mis-hire, or a firm that requires a candidate with a strong technical background combined with superior interpersonal skills, at Leah Yosef International we know where to find exceptional talent and how to attract highly sought-after professionals who may be selectively open but are not actively job hunting. We specialize in placing professionals from associate to senior management, who have not only superior qualifications, but the ability and spirit to deepen relationships and grow businesses.


Unlike some recruiters who may waste valuable time during the hiring process because they don’t understand a firm’s specific culture, we use a comprehensive process-driven system to develop a deep understanding of each client’s unique needs and each candidate’s specific qualifications, ensuring a solid fit.
Leah Yosef International, Inc. is a proud member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices and is recognized as a Top 9 Retained Executive Search Firm in the US/Americas.