Leah Yosef International, Inc. specializes in executive search for the RIA, High Net Worth/Ultra-High Net Worth, and Single- and Multi-Family Office arenas. We partner with growing and boutique firms and attract, secure and retain the highest-performing talent in the industry through an efficient sourcing and on-boarding process.

We know where to find exceptional talent

Whether it’s a growing firm that needs to hire quickly, an established firm looking to fill a high-level position that can’t afford a mis-hire, or a firm that requires a candidate with a strong technical background combined with superior interpersonal skills, at Leah Yosef International. We know where to find exceptional talent and how to attract highly sought-after professionals who may be selectively open but are not actively job hunting. We specialize in placing professionals from associate to senior management, who have not only superior qualifications, but the ability and spirit to deepen relationships and grow businesses.

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Unlike some recruiters who may waste valuable time during the hiring process because they don’t understand a firm’s specific culture, we use a comprehensive process-driven system to develop a deep understanding of each client’s unique needs and each candidate’s specific qualifications, ensuring a solid fit.

Leah Yosef International, Inc. is a proud member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices and is recognized as a Top 10 Retained Executive Search Firm in the US/Americas.

Our Mission

To partner with client-centric fiduciaries to grow their businesses through an efficient on-boarding process which produces long-term retention of motivated and talented private wealth & investment management recruiting professionals.

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Dimensional Search®

Leah Yosef International uses our proprietary Dimensional Search process which sets us apart in the Investment Management Executive Recruiting industry. It is a “multi-dimensional” process that matches:

  • The client’s position and expectations with those of the candidate, such as title, compensation, relocation and amount of travel.
  • “Technical” requirements, such as education, relevant industry experience and managerial experience with the candidate’s relevant background and experience.
  • Cultural fit of the company with the candidate’s experience and success in similar cultures and his/her likely adaptability to the company’s culture.
  • The chemistry between the candidate and hiring manager as well as the candidate’s attributes to the subjective traits required in the Position Profile.
  • How “translatable” the candidate’s experiences and capabilities are to the company’s expectations with respect to responsibilities and major projects.
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Executive Recruitment Process


About Us

This is the most essential phase of the search engagement. However, often, we find that this is the root cause of failed searches. Although needs and requirements may sometimes change during a search engagement, unless there is a clear mutual understanding established up front, the search process and results may be compromised. It is also vital that we understand your company’s culture so that we ensure that our candidates represent the right “cultural fit.” Furthermore, we want to establish a comprehensive understanding so that we conduct the search efficiently and effectively. It is also vitally important that the search firm be perceived by candidates as being well informed and professional since this indirectly reflects on the company as well.

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs/requirements, we will send you an engagement agreement. Since our office is locally owned and managed, we have the flexibility and authority to negotiate terms and fee structures that are mutually agreeable.

Based on the client’s needs and requirements a comprehensive Position Profile is created so that we achieve the following key objectives: accurately reflect the client’s requirements, ensure that the candidate compares his/her background and experience to the responsibilities and requirements described by the client, and provide compelling information to prospective candidates regarding the uniqueness of the position as well as the company’s “sizzle”.

Our search team conducts a planning meeting based on your specific search. It is important that the entire team understand the position requirements, company culture, etc. so that we can develop an effective plan of action. The mechanics for identifying candidates, as well as databases or information sources to be utilized are critical elements of this plan. Leah Yosef International utilizes its own proprietary databases, as well as the Internet and other state of the art tools and technologies, during this initial phase. However, most often the best candidates come from the extensive network of contacts we have established within the investment management industry, as referrals from colleagues are frequently the best source of qualified candidates. These are usually employees who are highly regarded at their current firm and are typically not actively searching Internet job websites. Depending on the specific job, we may contact hundreds of candidates before identifying a suitable quantity of applicants for pre-qualification.

As candidates express interest in the opportunity, we evaluate each against the Dimensional Search® criteria for the open position. We present only those individuals for interview who best fit the assignment profile.

After the interview or interviews, we debrief both you and the candidate, then follow up to ascertain the candidate’s interest, provide additional information and resolve any potential misunderstandings. We assist in composing and extending the offer and in negotiating any changes. We can also provide guidance on relocation assistance packages and cost-of-living comparisons. We stay in constant touch with the candidate and their family to resolve remaining issues before the offer is extended in order to facilitate a prompt acceptance and early starting date.

Prior to presenting candidates to clients, our search consultants do their best to determine if the candidate is a good match for the opportunity, is genuinely interested in the role and is truly motivated to make a change. After we present the candidate to the client for consideration, we assist in all matters regarding the candidate’s trip, logistics and other related details before, during and after client-candidate interviews. We are trained to sense any “red flags” that might occur during the candidate recruitment process. If needed we inform clients of such issues, work with the client and the candidate (if possible) to resolve them expeditiously.

Leah Yosef International establishes with the client the defined process with respect to the details and timing required for reference and background checks. We are generally able to assist you in ensuring that checks are done prior to the candidate starting employment.

After many weeks of hard work, it is imperative that the we work together to ensure the offer is presented effectively as well as having proper contingency plans and clearly defining the next steps.

Resignation can be a very stressful and harrowing experience for candidates. It is important that an executive coach work with the candidate during this delicate period, especially since current employer counter-offers are commonplace in this “candidate driven” environment.

Prior to the candidate’s start date, during the early phase of employment, and for months after the candidate’s date of hire, it is prudent to follow-up with both the client and the placed candidate to ensure that the transition is progressing satisfactorily. It is important that an effective on-boarding program is established with the client and that if any “issues” surface, that they are dealt with swiftly.

About Us

We Place Top Talent

We specialize in placing professionals from associate to senior management, who have not only superior qualifications, but the ability and spirit to deepen relationships and grow businesses.