Stop your advisors from leaving

As a leader in the RIA space, you understand how important it is to attract, hire and retain an elite team. You don’t have the time for a high turnover rate, especially within today’s competitive talent market.

If you are looking to build and scale your RIA, learn how to Poach-Proof it. Book your free consultation to discover:

  • When and why do advisors leave and what can you do about it?
  • How do your compensation plans compare to industry best practices?
  • What tools and techniques are the most successful RIA’s using to locate talent?
  • How can your firm be an advisor magnet?

We’ve curated timely tips on compensation, culture, counter offers, advisors’ mindset, and more. Learn how to keep your team engaged and loyal, stop advisor turnover, plus spot signs of potential departures.

Yosef Colish has been delivering premier talent to RIA’s and Multi-Family Offices Nationwide for 18+ years and is consistently a top 5 producing owner of Sanford Rose and Associates, a top 20 Executive Search Firm in the Forbes 200 list of 20,000 search firms nationwide. He has been fortunate to pour close to two decades of his life and passions into connecting the strongest talent with RIAs and Multi-Family Offices.

Check out Yosef’s latest appearance on The Perfect RIA podcast with Matt Jarvis where he explains how to attract and then retain your advisors for the long haul.

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